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Contact Etiquette

How to behave when making contact

As many of you are new to the swinging scene, it has been suggested that perhaps some guidance on contact etiquette would be useful.

Swingers are the same as everyone else, they like to be treated with respect. Remember that although someone may be exactly what you are looking for, the chances are that in more than 50% of cases you will not be what they are looking for. So when writing be polite and not pushy, read the ad carefully to make sure you meet the advertisers requirements.

Remember that if you are writing as a single to a couple, you should expect to be involved in a 3 some, also remember that most couples are here for partner swapping, so they may not be interested in meeting singles.

The biggest thrill for most is the idea of having sex with strangers, but sometimes people will lose their nerve. If this happens to you, don't deride the other people, understand that it could just as easily be you losing your nerve.


Please respond to all e-mails you receive from respondents.

Most of them will have spent time plucking up courage to write responding to your contact ads, and time thinking of the right thing to say to get you to notice them.

It does not need to be a long letter, a short note saying something along the lines of "Thank you for your response, but you do not match what I am currently looking for, better luck next time" will at least let the respondent know they have failed. I know that I for one check my mail eagerly after I send every response, hoping that someone has written back to me.

If you are an escort advertising for business please advertise only in the escort section. If you are an escort advertising for play friends please use a different e-mail address from that used for your business. If I am made aware of people being asked for payment when responding to ads outside the escort area I will delete the ad.


Always be polite.

Tell the advertiser what you like about their ad.

Tell them how you think you will meet their requirements.

If you enclose a picture show your face - most people like to see the person, rather than a piece of genitalia. If they like the look of you, they will then ask for another picture, a nude one if they want it. (some people do want nude pictures from the start, but they will usually say so in their ad).

Keep the language clean, match your response to the ad. Don't go straight in with a hardcore letter.

If you are turned down by an advertiser, don't keep contacting them - you are not going to make any friends by being a nuisance or abusive. Just move on to the next advertiser.

I am sure that I have missed many points, and that people will help me update this over the next few weeks.